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Your favourites chilaquiles with the ingredients of your choice:

Avocado (70g), Scrambled egg (1 piece), Sunny side egg (1 piece), Bacon (70g), Ham (50g), Zucchinni Flower (70g), Mushrooms (75g), Chorizo (50g), Chicken (70g), Seasoned Pulled Pork (50g), Cactus (50g) or Grilled Steak (50g).


Champiñones al Ajillo $122



Fresh sautéed mushrooms bathed in a guajillo chili, garlic and tomato sauce, sprinkled with grated parmesan and served with garlic bread.


Nachos $109


Homemade nachos, molten adobera cheese and american cheese, accompanied by jalapeños and pico de gallo. 

Extra Cheese +$21


Nachos Especiales $132


Homemade nachos with adobera molten cheese, American cheese, beans and your choice of chorizo, grilled steak, pulled pork, chicken, mushrrooms or bacon.


La Mexicana $134


A sampler plate made from our traditional specialties: 1 deep fried quesadilla, 1 palomazo, 1 crunchy taco and 1 sope served on a bed of lettuce leaves and accompanied with a serve of guacamole, sour cream and red sauce.




100% homemade, our version of fried Argentinian Empanadas served with basil pesto and pomodoro sauce.         

1pz $48

  3 pzs $130


Panela Asada $120


220g of fresh char-grilled panela cheese with a side of sautéed tomato and purple onion served with homemade croutons.


Guacamole $109


Classic guacamole prepared with cilantro, onion, serrano chili and a touch of lime accompanied with homemade tortilla chips and pico de gallo.


Papitas al cilantro $88


Roasted chambray potatoes bathed in a cilantro and lime sauce.


Salchichas bravas $83


Fried turkey sausage accompanied with chipotle pepper sauce.


Papas a la francesa $83


Lightly seasoned French fries.


Patatas fritas $96


Marinated potato wedges with ranch and chipotle dressing.


Papas Provenzal $118


French fries spiced with minced garlic and parsley and greated parmesan.


Aros de cebolla $115


15 pieces with creamy coriander dressing.


Fideos Secos $83


Dry noodles sautéed with tomato and served in a traditional clay pot with cotija cheese, avocado, cilantro and accompanied with tortillas.


Platón Mixto $140


Appetizers combination platter to share: Marinated potato wedges, spiced frech fries, fried turkey sausages and onion rings with cilantro and chipotle dressing. 


Aguachile de Camarón  $202


140g of medium sized shrimp, purple onion and cucumber marinated in a spicy lime, green tomato, cilantro and serrano chili sauce with tostadas. Ask for it spicy, medium or without chili.








Sopa Tarasca 


Our delicious version of tortilla soup prepared with a tomato base and touch of ancho chili with crunchy fried tortilla chips, fresh adobera cheese, fried chili, sour cream and avocado.                       

Grande 280 ml. $78

  Chica 180 ml. $50     


Sopa de Cebolla 


Our version of this classic French recipe combines caramelized onions and white wine with molten cheddar cheese and served with garlic bread.                                                                                      

Grande  375ml.  $92

Chica  180ml  $51


Carne en su Jugo 


Browned beef and bacon stewed in its own juices served with boiled broth beans and topped with onion, cilantro, green chili and avocado. Served with hot tortillas.                                                          

Grande 420ml  $156

Chica 280ml  $121


Consomé de Pollo

Chicken broth prepared with shredded chicken leg and thigh, chayote squash, zucchini, potato and carrot, garnished with purple onion, cilantro, avocado, green chili and accompanied with tortilla. 

Grande 720ml $147

Chica 450 ml. $113





Your choice of Fusilli or Fettuccini              


Half Order $98

Extra Parmesan $21

Add Shrimp (70g)  $60






A creamy sauce made with perfectly sautéed butter mushrooms and a light touch of roasted garlic served with fresh parsley and grated parmesan.


Cuatro Quesos 


Cream cheese, cheddar and blue cheese sauce, pecans, fresh parslley, cracked black pepper and grated Parmesan.




A creamy aromatic sauce made with fresh butter sautéed herbs, roasted garlic and grated.




Half Order $85





Fresh mixed lettuce leaves with a classic Caesar salad dressing prepared with anchovies and garlic, adding our light, creamy touch. Accompanied with garlic bread and finely grated parmesan cheese.


De Verano

Mixed lettuce and spinach leaves combined with goat cheese, strawberries, mango and toasted sesame seeds and a sweet and sour balsamic strawberry vinaigrette.


Del Chef 

Lettuce mix, purple cabbage, grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, crunchy bacon and fried tortilla strips, with homemade ranch dressing.




Mixed lettuce and spinach leaves, chunks of blue cheese, thinly sliced apple, bacon and caramelized nuts with a honey-mustard dressing.




    Mixed  lettuce leaves with chunks of fresh tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, black olives, basil pesto, goat cheese. olive oil, salt a pepper.


Del Jardín


Mixed lettuce leaves combined with spinach, pineapple, strawberries, apple, carrot, celery, fresh cubed panela cheese and a balsamic strawberry vinaigrette.


Add an extra ingredient to your salad for $29 pesos

    Grilled Chicken (70g)        Ham (50g)      Avocado ( 70g)   Cheddar cheese (50g)

   Cubed Panela Cheese (70g)  Bacon (70g)   Goat Cheese (40g)  Blue Cheese (25g)

Add Shrimp (70g) for an extra $55 pesos*

*All of our dressings are homemade*






Beef and Chicken

Includes 2 sides of your choice



Arrachera Tampiqueña $240


220g of marinated skirt steak, grilled and served with one fried or grilled quesadilla and a red chorizo enchilada.

Given this is a thick cut meat, it may take longer depending on how you prefer it done.


Arrachera Gratinada $240


220g of marinated skirt steak cooked on the grill and served with molten adobera cheese and crunchy bacon.

Given this is a thick cut meat, it may take longer depending on how you prefer it done.


Puntas de Res Gratinadas $210


220g of Sirloin steak, grilled with molten adobera cheese and crunchy bacon.


Las Fajitas 

220g of beef sautéed in olive oil with tomato, purple onion, red bell peppers, salt and pepper, and accompanied with flour tortillas.

Carne Asada/Grilled Steak  $225

Given this is a thick cut meat, it may take longer depending on how you prefer it done.

Grilled Chicken Breast $190


Carne Asada a la Parrilla New

Arrachera $200 

Sirloin 220g  $185

Chicken Breast 220g  $190

Hamburger Meat Patty $178

2 patties, 160g each.


*Tax included

Modifications will incur an additional cost. Half portions will be charged at 70%

Food in grams is calculated on average and before cooking.


Pollo con Mole $195


180g of chicken breast bathed in our homemade mild mole sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds, marinated purple onion and grilled plantain.


Pollo a la Crema $172


180g of chicken breast pieces bathed in a creamy poblano chili sauce and butter sautéed purple onion.


2 Sides Included

Extra Side $29

Grilled Plantain (130g) 

Steamed Vegetables (150g)

          Onion Rings (5) 

   Mashed Potatoes (150g)

    Red Rice (160g) 

 Guacamole (100g)

Pot Broth Beans (180ml) 

Frech Fries (130g)

Classic Chilaquiles (90g)

Refried Beans with Cotija Cheese (120g)

Potato Wedges (130g)

Mixed Salad 

Sautéed Vegetables (150g)

Parsley Potatoes (150g)

Between Bread 

Includes French Fries or Salad

Hamburguesa Clásica $125

Our delicious  hamburger with only the essential ingredientes: 160g of grilled beef patty with white wine, American cheese, bacon, freesh lettuce, tomato and onion.


Hamburguesa Especial $135

160g of grilled beef patty with white wine, adobera cheese, butter sautéed mushrooms and purple onion with fresh lettuce and tomato.


Hamburguesa Americana $140

160g of grilled beef patty with white wine, American cheese, crunchy bacon, onion rings, fresh tomato and lettuce.


Hamburguesa Low Carb New!

Choose your favorite hamburguer and swap the bread for lettuce leaves.


CreaClub Sándwich $134


A double decker toasted 7 seed whole wheat bread, with mayonnaise, chicken, ham, American cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato.


Baguette Mediterráneo $125

Cream cheese, goat cheese, bell peppers and 70g of balsamic grilled chicken with tomato, cucumber and basil pesto.


Baguette Selva Negra $125


50g. of black forest ham, cream cheese, provolone cheese, cucumber and alfalfa sprouts with honey-mustard dressing.


Baguette Español $125


30g of Spanish chorizo, cream cheese, cheddar cheese, spinach leaves, fresh tomato and basil pesto.


Baguette Americano  $125


Cream cheese, 60g of leg ham, cheddar cheese, crunchy bacon, fresh tomato and cucumber with chipotle dressing.


Baguette Vegetariano $125


Cream cheese, 70g of fresh panela cheese, mixed lettuce leaves, tomato, cucumber, alfalfa sprouts with sesame and basil pesto.




Mexican Specialities 

Queso Fundido/Molten Cheese $130

Add Poblano Pepper (75g)   +21

Mushrooms (75g)


Grilled Steak(50g)

Bacon (70g)

Or Zucchini Flower (70g)


Los Tacos de Arrachera $195


4 handmade corn tortillas filled with 220g of skirt steak with grilled tomatoes and accompanied with onion, cilantro, avocado sauce and pot broth beans.

Given this is a thick cut meat, it may take longer depending on how you prefer it done.


Chicarrón en Salsa $178


150g of our traditional pork belly bathed in salsa tatemada (char grilled smoked tomato sauce) and served with refried beans and freshly made tortillas.


Nopales Gratinados $119


Sautéed cactus bathed in garlic and tomato sauce topped with molten adobera cheese and served with refried beans.

Add Grilled Steak (50g), Chorizo (50g), Chicken (70g) or Egg (1) +$21


Carne con Chile $167

150g of grilled steak in a spicy sauce prepared with green tomatoes, charred red tomatoes and arbol chilis serverd with chambray potatoes and fried beans.


Enfrijoladas al Chipotle $127


3 corn tortillas with your choice of filling: pulled pork, chicken, chorizo, ricotta, cotija or panela cheese; bathed in a spicy bean and chipotle sauce topped with sour cream, sprinkled cheese and serverd with parslley chambray potatoes.


Enmoladas de Pollo $124


3 tortillas filled with pulled chicken breast and bathed in our homemade mild mole sauce, accompanied with marinated purple onion, roasted sesame seeds and grilled plantain.


Enchiladas Suizas $134


3 corn tortillas stuffed with pulled chicken, bathed with a creamy poblano pepper and green tomato sauce, served au gratin with cheddar cheese.


Enchiladas Rojas o Verdes $123


3 tortillas with your choice of: pulled pork, chicken, chorizo, cotija, fresh adobera or panela cheese bathed in red or green sauce topped with sour cream, sprinkled cheese, lettuce and refried beans.


Entomatadas $116


3 corn tortillas stuffed with your choice of: goat, fresh, ricotta or panela cheese, pulled pork or chicken bathed in pomodoro sauce, sour cream and fresh basil leaves.


Flautas $130


A specialty thin tortilla filled with your choice of pulled pork, chicken or grilled plantain. Serverd with red or green sauce, Cotija cheese, lettuce and sour cream.


Flautas con Mole $135


A specialty thin tortilla with homemade mild mole and marinated purple onion serverd on a bed of Mexican red rice.


Tacos Dorados $85


4 crunchy tacos filled with your choice of chicken, potato, pulled pork, grilled plantain, ricotta or zucchini flower, serverd with red or green sauce, sour cream, cotija cheese, radish and your choice of lettuce or cabbage.


Palomazos $109


 3 flour tortillas fried and stuffed with pulled pork, serverd over red sauce and fresh lettuce strips.


Torta Bañada $96


Seasoned pulled pork inside a traditional bread roll and bathed in a warm red sauce with sour cream and avocado slices.


Quesadillas (Fritas o a la Plancha) $95

(Deep fried or Grilled)

3 Freshly handmade corn tortillas with melted fresh adobera or ricotta cheese over your choice of green, red or combined sauce topped with sour cream and cotija cheese.

Add Chorizo (50g)

Mushrooms (75g)

Poblano pepper (75g)


Bacon (70g)

Pork Crackling (70g)

Zucchini Flower (70g)  +$21


Panela en Salsa $130


220g of stewed panela cheese bathed in your choice of red, green or pomodoro sauce or sautéed in pico de gallo.


Sopes $115


3 sopes (small, thick, corn tortilla bases) with your choice of topping; beans, poblano pepper, potato, fresh adobera cheese, pulled pork, panela cheese, chorizo, ricotta or zucchini flower with ricotta or cheese, serverd with lettuce strips, cotija cheese and a red sauce.


*Tax included


Modifications will incur an additional cost. Half portions will be charged at 70% 

We accept payment in Cash or with American Express, Credit and Debit Cards 









Coffe based

Regular or Decafeinated

Whole, 2 % or lactose free

Espresso   $30

Double Espresso $42

De Máquina / Pot Coffe $31

Café de Olla   $57

(+ 1 refill, does not apply to take out)

Latte $54

Cappuccino $52

Iced Latte $58

Cappuccino Moka $53

Double Cappuccino $75

Frappé Cappuccino $75

Oreo Frappé Cappuccino $82

Americano / Brewed Coffee $46

(unlimited refill, does not apply to take out)

Extra Espresso Shot $12

Coffe Cocktail

Martini Frappé $86

Frappé capuccino with wisky and coffee liqueur in a martini glass

Irlandés / Irish  $73

Whisky, American coffe, caramel and whipped cream

Lo que sea $62

Coffe, brandy, coffe liqueur and whipped cream

Quienquiera $62

Coffe, brandy, chocolate and whipped cream

Paloma 27 $86

Tequila, coffe liqueur, lime juice, a shot of espresso and roasted coffe beans

Carajillo $159

43 Liqueur and a shot of espresso

Ruso Blanco / White Russian $78

Vodka, coffe liqueur, evaporated milk and ice

Café de olla con Brandy/Mexican coffe wih Brandy $76

Cappuccino Bailey's $145


Capppucino Plus

Your choice of rompope, coffe liqueur, almod liqueur, mint liqueur, vainilla essence, brandy or whisky

Hot   $70

Cold   $78

Frappé $95

Milk based

Whole, 2 % or lactose free


Chai Latte   $58

Delicious black tea with spices and mixed with milk, lightly sweetened

Cold Chai Latte   $67

Frappé Chai Latte    $73



Jumbo (800ml) $96

Grande (485 ml) $57

Chico (250 ml) $36


Chocolate Caliente/Hot cocoa    $53


With Rompope (60ml)      +$21




Hot 300 ml  $56     Cold 485 ml   $61

Chai  ·  Moras  ·  Guayaba  ·  Té Verde con Naranja  ·  Manzana con Arándano  ·  ·Pera-Kiwi  ·  Frutas Tropicales

Herbales (Tea)

Tetera 473 ml $42     Frío 485 ml  $42

Chamomile  · Peppermint  ·  Lemongrass  ·  Black Tea

Tea Pot Stash 473ml   $75

Breakfast in Paris  ·  Chai Spice  ·  Chamomile Nigths  ·  Ginger Peach  ·  Jasminne Blossom  ·  Mango Passionfruit

Fresh Beverages


Frutada (conga)   $55

Orange juice, pineapple juice, grapefruit juice and grenadine

Piñada   $70

Pinnaple juice, coconut cream, evaporated milk and chrusshed ice


Limonadas Frutales

Fresh lemonade with fruit and a touch of peppermint, your choice of: watermelon, strawberries, pineapple, cucumber or mango

Still Natural Water 

Pitcher 1,450ml $209

Glass $52

Sparkling Natural Water

Pitcher 1,450ml $219

Glass $59


Agua Fresca

Lemonade or Orangeade, or ask for more flavors available

Still Natural Water 

Pitcher 1,450ml $158

Glass $41

Sparkling Natural Water

Pitcher 1,450ml $174

Glass $46

Granizados   $58

Shaved ice, your choice of: Blueberries, Tamarind, Mango, Raspberry or Watermelon



Boing 355ml  $37

Guava or Mango


Sodas 355 ml   $43

Cocoa Cola, Sidral, Squirt, Sparkling water

Diet Sodas  $43

Coca Light, coca Zero, Sprite Zero, Squirt Light


Rusa   $47

Your choice of soda mixed with lemon and salt


Bottled Water 500 ml   $23