Since 1997


Sauces to choose from: Red, Green, Half & Half (Divorced), Chipotle or Pomodoro Gratinados

Gratinados   $105

Your Choice of sauce with fresh molten cheese

Clásicos    $105

Your choice of sauce with sprinkled Cotija cheese and fresh sour cream

Con Queso de Cabra    $105

Your choice of sauce with fresh goat cheese

Palermo    $105

Served on a bed of spinach cooked with butter and Pomodoro sauce, sour cream, goat cheese and basil

Poblanos con Pollo    $105

Corn tortilla chips (totopos) bathed with a creamy poblano pepper and green tomato sauce, with pulled chicken. Served au gratin with  heddar cheese, accompanied with fried beans

Hazlos Especiales     +$18ea

Your favourites chilaquiles with the ingredients of your choice:

Avocado (70g), Scrambled egg (1 piece), Sunny side egg (1 piece), Bacon (70g), Ham (50g), Zucchinni Flower (70g), Mushrooms (75g), Chorizo (50g), Chicken (70g), Seasoned Pulled Pork (50g), Cactus (50g) or Grilled Steak (50g).